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We are Certified Plumbing Company

Water damage is stressful, and you only have a small window of time to respond before mold begins to grow. Regardless of the extent of water damage, biological water contamination spreads quickly. Once your property has sustained water damaged, you don’t have the luxury of waiting for a convenient time to start the cleanup. The secondary damage from mold and mildew can present serious health risks to anyone living or working in your environment.

Water-Damage Free Florida responds rapidly to clean up and restore your home or office. We will extract the standing water or sewage from the damaged areas and control, or even stop, the growth of mold and mildew. Then we will properly remove and dispose of all damaged and unsalvageable items. If carpeting can be salvaged, we do our best to save it. We are experts in cleaning and sanitizing carpeting.

It’s not enough for us to return your home or office to its original condition. We leave it better than before.


Our Mission

Water-Damage Free Florida understands the devastating loss caused by water, fire, wind, and other disasters. At a time when emotions are already high, you want to work with hassle-free, friendly, prompt, and highly trained professionals who care as much about you as they do your property. Whether it’s Tampa Bay, Orlando, Venice, Miami or anywhere else in Florida, our response team will repair or renovate your property to ‘Better Than Before’.
Our Loss Specialists Team responds immediately and makes you a priority. Our disaster response team aims to exceed your restoration and cleanup needs because we know our work is about more than property restoration. It’s ultimately about serving the people who live and work in the spaces we repair. That’s why it’s our goal to always make things Better than Before.
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